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Truck Dispatch Seminar download or on CD – We have over 25 years experience.

Our truck dispatch seminar will teach the entrepreneur, planning to start a dispatch service business.

What will you learn attending our seminar?

We will provide information to successfully dispatch your clients truck(s). The seminar provide information about laws and regulations as well as required documents. We inform how to provide excellent customer service, build successful business relationships and effectively manage time and stress.

It explains freight volume and facts affecting load availability. It guides you through the process of obtaining your own loads and dispatching your clients truck(s). And you also learn about proper freight handling and important delivery procedures. Finally, we will dispel myths and common misconceptions about the trucking industry, provide you with facts to disprove “truck stop” gossip, and make the process of dispatching transparent. Best of all, we will tell you the truth what you can really earn as an independent dispatcher.

We offer continue support for our clients, even after the seminar has ended, anytime, no additional charge. One more advice, be aware when someone is telling you that you can charge a percentage of the load you are dispatching, you can’t, because you are not a broker and you don’t have a broker’s license. You don’t carry a $75,000 bond and you may be subject to all kinds of lawsuits when things go wrong.  However, if your client agrees with a percentage of the load, you need to place the authorization into your contract.  We will teach you how to set up your business legally and show you how to work ethical correct inside the industry.

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