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 Truck Dispatch Manual

               The following are excerpts from the “Dispatch Manual”.

Truck Dispatch Manual – A Trucking Business Management Manual
For The Independent Owner Operator.

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                 Business relationships:

Every industry, trade, profession, and occupation has established business practices and
ethical standards that set certain guidelines how business should be conducted. The primary purpose of these practices and standards is to establish trust among the industry to promote good business relationships and facilitate business transactions.

Industry Image:

Programs such as Trucker Buddy International and Goodyear Highway Hero seek to promote a positive image of the owner operator trucking industry among the public. Nevertheless, widely accepted myths and stereotypes about the trucking industry in general and professional drivers in particular are shaped by popular culture, particularly movies and television series. While some of the stereotypes are positive and portray the trucker as an upstanding and even heroic member of the……

Your Mobile Office:

In order to be successful truck dispatcher of your truck(s) from the road, you will need the proper tools and space in your truck where you can set up your mobile office. The main components of your office equipments will be a good and sturdy laptop computer with a wireless connection to the Internet, a reliable printer,……

Important Business Contacts:

A variety of organizations, businesses, and governmental agencies provide services,
information, products that are vital to the independent Owner Operator and dispatcher. Government agencies such as the Federal Highway Administration promulgate laws, and trucking-related organizations…..

Customer Service Skills:

Almost all of the dispatch activities are conducted over the telephone and via fax machine.
Most likely you will never have face-to-face meetings with your business contacts; therefore, it is important that you communicate in a professional manner to make a good first impression…

Freight Volume

Cyclicality: Although there are tens of thousands of loads available at any given day,
economic cycles and seasonal demand determine the volume of available freight. When the economy expands rapidly, freight volume increases and lots of loads are available at very good rates because shippers compete for tight truckload capacity….

Freight Rates:
The state of the economy, seasonal demand, physical location, and transportation capacity affect freight rates at any given day. Generally, rates for cross-country loads from the West to the East Coast are $1.80 to $2.00 per mile or $5,400.00 to $6,000.00 for the entire trip. However, rates for loads originating on the East Coast and going to the West Coast…..

Round-trip Concept:

Considering all these factors, how do you find loads that pay well and increase your
revenue? First you have to change your approach and adopt a new strategy. Instead of using a load-by-load approach, you should adopt the round-trip concept to determine if load rates meet your criteria. The round trip calculation only works…..

Financial Settlement:

Quick Pay: Most brokerage companies offer several payment options including Quick Pay, which means payment is made either within twenty-four hours or seven days after the Owner Operator submits the signed bill of lading, rate confirmation sheet, and invoice. Companies offering the service……

Delivery Instructions:

In addition to delivery instructions provided by the broker, the Owner-Operator must check the bill of lading for specific instructions and ensure (s)he understands and adheres to the specific requirements such as daily check-in calls and calling ahead to set up a delivery appointment…..

Brokerage Companies By State, Recommended on the Basis of Years in Business and By Credit Ratings:
The Brokerage Firms Pay Between 10 and 30 days after Receipt of BOL and they also
have Advances and Quick Pay Options Available.
Before accepting a load check your cost per mile, do not pay the broker and haul cheap loads.

150 Brokerage Companies follow:………