Truck Dispatcher Course

Truck Dispatcher Course.

Our truck dispatch manual and our truck dispatch course provides all the tools and information an independent Owner Operator or a home based dispatch service needs to successfully dispatch his or her own trucks,  or his or her clients trucks. 

It explains how to set up your mobile office, lists important business contacts, and provides information about laws and regulations as well as required documents. It describes how to provide excellent customer service, build successful business relationships and effectively manage time and stress.

It explains freight volume and facts affecting load availability. It guides you through the process of obtaining your own loads and dispatching your own truck or your clients trucks.  And you also learn about proper freight handling and important delivery procedures.

Finally, our publication and our dispatch course dispels myths and common misconceptions about the trucking industry, provides you with facts to disprove “truck stop” gossip, and makes the process of dispatching transparent.

Every industry, trade, profession, and occupation has established business practices and ethical standards that set certain guidelines how business should be conducted. The primary purpose of these practices and standards is to establish trust among the industry to promote good business relationships and facilitate business transactions.

Therefore it is very important to pick the right load board and deal only with reputable brokerage firms. Our publication and our service will show you how to succeed and where to find the best paying loads from the brokerage companies with a 90+ credit rating.

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