Testimonials for TruckingSuccess.com

I just wanted to say thank you for the very interactive and informative dispatch seminar. I have learned so much during our short time together in the seminar I almost feel like I know more than my husband who is a new owner operator (lol)
I truly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that was shared with me and I especially loved the stories of wisdom you shared with me regarding your adventures of being an owner operator as well as an entrepreneur. During our seminar I truly felt like you cared about my success as an individual learner.
Please know that I am eternally grateful for your wisdom and passion for the transportation industry as well as your commitment to ensure that I train to the best of my ability to join the profession of operations manager.
I look forward to your continued guidance and availability as I pursue a career in the transportation industry.
Again  thank you
Stacion Cruz,  Evergreen Park, IL

The service I received from trucking success has been incredibly helpful. I was not only able to start my business plan from scratch, but I also received expertise information which guided me to create a precise business plan for my trucking company. Thanks for this wonderful web site and I hope to continue to gain insight from you. George Foster, Sapulpa, Oklahoma,

The staff at TruckingSuccess.com were responsive and helpful. They took the time to answer my questions and make suggestions on improving it after I received their Business Plan Trucking. In a world where often times e-mails are never returned or, if they are, it takes forever, this service was refreshing to work with. I am very pleased with the results.” Sue Lettin Portland, Oregon

I received your packet that I ordered and I had to read it before I did anything else. It is very informative and detailed out a lot of the information that I am going to need. Thank you for this great service. Nicole Stavena El Campo, TX

TruckingSuccess.Com I wanted to send a brief note thanking all of you for the wonderful service I receive, and it’s been such a pleasure working with all of you. You have the Best service in the industry for Owner/Operators hands down. Your commitment to success, and how you care for the drivers is unmatched. In today’s world of trucking it’s very hard to find someone honest, who means what they say, someone who walks the walk, not just talk the talk. You guy’s are the best. From teaching me the foundations of a successful business, to how to handle my finances, to helping me find a quality truck & trailer and financing. You where there every step of the way. You took a lot of the uncertainty away, and gave me confidence to start my own trucking business. Plus your added Dispatch Service insures the success of the Owner/Operator by securing the best, most profitable loads for your drivers. In close I wanted to say thank you again, and much success to you and everyone affiliated with TruckingSuccess.Com. Working with you I know we can look forward to a profitable future as we work toward growing the business. Best Wishes. Kevin J. Squires Canton, GA Squires Commercial Carriers, Inc.

David L. Williams ordered today our publication “The Road To Financial Success.” On his order form we found the following comments: “I have a copy of The Successful Truck Owner Operator, it is very informative and helpful.” Thank you, David L. Williams Saint Cloud, FL

Your book “The Successful Truck Owner Operator” was very helpful when I started my own trucking business. I found many helpful tips and my partner and I believe that your business expertise and your free services are absolutely the best in the trucking industry. When I called for some extra advise, your staff called me back within one hour. Thank you, my partner and I will recommend your business to other people in the trucking business. Robert Thomas Coral Springs, FL

Being a Business Owner (Owner Operator) I have to tell myself what works and what doesn’t. The Successful Truck Owner Operator works. The quality and information inside the publication is excellent customer service. I have actually used the book not only to improve my every day business behavior, I have also improved my financial situation when I ordered the second publication “The Road To Financial Success” . And about price: For $14.95 you can change your life. I recommend the publications for all the truckers out there. Turn your life around. John Maldon Tacoma, Washington

Just a quick note to let you know that “The Successful Truck Owner Operator” obviously is the best Business Guide I’ve read in a long time. I had the opportunity to check with other truckers. However, this is not too shabby for my first effort! Thanks for your help. I won’t hesitate to recommend your publications.” John Radcliff Dallas, Texas

I have been subscribed to internet trucking magazines for some time, and I have to tell you that your trucking books are the best service of its type on the Internet. Your topics are very professional and easy to make use of. As a working owner operator it is irritating to receive badly written material which tells you nothing. Your books could, however, be used as the basis for a course in how to write good trucking releated information. Tom Ritefeld Portland, Maine

I really enjoyed your book “The Successful Truck Owner Operator”. Can’t wait to receive the second book “The Road To Financial Success”. Just wish I would have enough guts to get started. I love to drive. I asked God to guide me in my decisions and he put your books in my path. Thanks again. Peter Dupuis Midlothian, VA

I was impressed by the company which sells “The Successful Truck Owner Operator” and “The Road To Financial Success”, and their customer service was incredibly personal. Articles were featured in publications such as Yahoo! Internet Life, Web Magazine Online, USA Today Online and NetAnnounce. I received an e-mail from TruckingSuccess.com whenever they found an article, and they were there whenever I had a question or needed additional information. TruckingSuccess.com is a top-notch high-results service.” Rick Greene Los Angeles, California

Beautiful!!! I’m so happy I found you. Your service is just what I need as a truck driver student needing answers to quick reference questions. Love the cross-references and links provided. Hope you stay around for a long time. Jeff Heinrich Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Just a quick note to say I came across your web site by accident looking for answers to a trucking questions . I use you at home now with my children to prove to the younger members of my family that I too can use the internet to obtain information and better my life and business. Shawn Mallick Houston, Texas

I feel most fortunate to have found your web site. Why I have not heard of you before is beyond me. I greatly appreciate the excellent cross referencing of subjects in your publications. Job well done! Jennifer Hancock Atlanta, Georgia