• I want to express our gratitude to TRUCKINGSUCCESS for all the valuable help in

    getting our trucking business started. J.W was a great resource and guidance for the

    whole process. We contacted TRUCKINGSUCCESS when we only had a desire to start a

    trucking business and knew nothing on how to go about it. After speaking with J.W, what

    was only an Idea took form and developed into a working plan for a business startup.

    J.W worked with us to structure and establish our business entity, select and purchase

    equipment, Permitting, compliance and a host of other related intricacies of starting a

    business. After getting equipped and permitted, J.W stayed with us and provided training

    or dispatching and signing up with reputable brokers. J.W was very kind to practically hold

    our hand and helped us with dispatch until we were ready to do it ourselves. Our equipment

    is now permitted, working and in compliance. Thanks Gratefully to TRUCKINGSUCCESS

    and J.W. We highly recommend this company for any trucking related consulting needs.

    Adrian’s Transport Inc.
    Menifee, Ca
    The management: Tony, Adrian and Lupe.

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