How To Start a Truck Dispatch Company

How To Start a Truck Dispatch Company

What will you learn attending our dispatch seminar?

We will provide information to successfully dispatch your clients truck(s). We list important business contacts, and provide information about laws and regulations as well as required documents.

We describe how to provide excellent customer service, build successful business relationships and effectively manage time and stress.

It explains freight volume and facts affecting load availability. It guides you through the process of obtaining your own loads and dispatching your clients truck(s). And you also learn about proper freight handling and important delivery procedures.

Finally, we will dispel myths and common misconceptions about the trucking industry, provide you with facts to disprove “truck stop” gossip, and make the process of dispatching transparent.

Best of all, we will tell you the truth what you can really earn as an independent dispatcher. We will not give you an unrealistic number, like many of our competitors offer on their websites only to wheel you into their service scam. We came to the realization that these companies don’t care about your success, only their own success, meaning their own revenue.

We offer continue support for our clients, even after the seminar has ended, anytime, no additional charge.

One more advice, be aware when someone is telling you that you can charge a percentage of the load you are dispatching, you can’t, because you are not a broker and you don’t have a broker’s license. You don’t carry a $75,000 bond and you may be subject to all kinds of lawsuits when things go wrong.

Below you can see one of the important learning tools, the round trip concept.


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  • Davon Jordan

    I want to start a dispatching service how do I do this? I already have a Trucking Company but I would like to get into another side of it.

    • J.W. Lessing

      Hi Davon,
      we offer a dispatch seminar on our website. You can download the seminar or you can order it on a disc. You also receive any help and questions answered 30 days from the purchase date.
      Best regards,

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