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Sep 4 – 10 vs.
Aug 28 – Sep 3
Aug 2016 vs.
Jul 2016
Aug 2016 vs.
Aug 2015
Spot Market Loads13%+0.5%+29%
Spot Market Capacity15%+14%+8.6%
Van Load-To-Truck0.4%4.6%+49%
Van Rates (Spot)+0.0%1.2%8.0%
Flatbed Load-To-Truck+21%26%6.0%
Flatbed Rates (Spot)1.6%1.6%8.2%
Reefer Load-To-Truck9.1%+4.8%+16%
Reefer Rates (Spot)+0.5%2.1%6.9%
Fuel Prices0.4%2.2%9.4%
Van and Reefer Rates Hold Up in Post-Holiday Week

Flatbed Rates Slip 3¢

Sep 4 – 10 – Van rates held onto the previous week’s gains, and reefer rates rose another 1¢ last week, but flatbeds slipped 3¢ per mile, as a national average. Load-to-truck ratios remained stable for vans, but the reefer ratio declined and flatbed demand increased relative to capacity.
Last update: 9/13/2016 – Next update: 9/20/2016

Fuel Prices
-0.4%$2.40 / gallon

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