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Business Plan Trucking 2022 PDF – Download


Note: This is our PDF version that you can download to your computer immediately. Additional discount for PDF included.

Apply for a Government SBA loan with our Business Plan. The most affordable and most realistic Plan in the Industry.

Sample Spread Sheet is included.

Our Business Plan accommodates 1-10 trucks & trailers.
We added an actual Business Plan Trucking,  prepared by TruckingSuccess.com for one of our customers in our 2022 Edition.

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Business Plan Trucking

The time is right – government fundings (SBA loans) are available at very low rates.

Why should you apply for a Government Funded Loan (SBA loan) instead of a Conventional Loan? The interest rate for a government funded loan is the current prime rate plus 1.75 to 6.5 points depending on your credit history and can be granted up to 15 years.

The interest rate for a conventional loan is up to 6-8% higher and the term is averaging only up to 5 years. Even if your credit history is not perfect, you have a much better chance to get approved for an SBA loan than for a conventional loan.

But remember, you need a professional business plan to achieve your goals. Your chances for approval will also increase if you belong to a minority group such as African American, Native American, Hispanic American and Asian American, or if you are a woman-owned business.

Note: You will not only receive instructions what to do and more importantly what not to do, you will also receive an actual trucking business plan which you can update with your personal information.

Only available at TruckingSuccess.com.  Industry experts developed our business plan & instruction manual using actual data for the financial projection. We also provide information on grants & SBA loans and how to apply.

Our Business Plan with Financial Projection is based on a start-up trucking company with 10 trucks. This plan can be modified to your needs. You find the following topics in the table of contents:

Introduction to your Trucking Company Business Plan

– Information on grants & SBA loans and how to apply
– Personal Financial Evaluation – Net Worth Assessment
– The Trucking Company Business Plan Cover Sheet
– The Business Plan
– Choosing a legal Business Structure
– Product and Service List
– Start-Up Costs and Capitalization
Purpose, Legal Form of Organization and Ownership
The Service
The Competition
Marketing/Sales Plan ( Introducing company to potential customers )
Plan for convincing potential customers
Revenue projection
Operations / Management Plan
Space requirements
Safety Issues
Executive Summary
Cash requirements to start-up
Work Sheet to compile assets
Work Sheet to calculate monthly expenses
Financial Projection for 1 year/1 truck
Financial Projection for 1 year/10 trucks
Sample spread sheet 1 year/12 month
Appendix – Actual Business Plan prepared by TruckingSuccess.com for one of our customers.


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    The service I received from trucking success has been incredibly helpful. I was not only able to start my business plan from scratch, but I also received expertise information which guided me to create a precise business plan for my trucking company. Thanks for this wonderful web site and I hope to continue to gain insight from you. George Foster, Sapulpa, Oklahoma,

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