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Trucking Consulting Domestic


Trucking Start-Up Consulting Domestic

Trucking Success Consulting – via Skype – call 480-287-2381 to schedule an appointment.

Our fee is based on 4 hours of  Skype meetings and other consulting related activities. You can add more hours for additional consultation.

Trucking Success Consulting is a management consulting firm based in Wickenburg, Arizona. Our clients include start-ups and small to mid-size businesses. We are in business for over 30 years.


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Trucking Consulting Domestic

Trucking Success is a management consulting firm based in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Our clients include start-ups and small to mid-size businesses. 

The consulting goal is to empower our clients with the privilege of knowledge and confidence. We pride ourselves on understanding each client’s needs. We are placing utmost importance on each detail, without losing sight of the big picture.

         Our Vision

Our vision is to do our part in helping our clients to succeed. We are strengthening startups and small to mid-size businesses, the backbone of America. We empower our clients to be more competitive through continuous improvement.

         Our Mission

We give each client the optimal in professional, innovative, and thorough service. We are devoted to excellence throughout the entire experience.

Overview of our consulting service and the topics included:

  • What type of equipment to buy – tractor/trailer?
  • What lanes to choose & what States to haul from.
  • Short haul or long haul.
  • How to dispatch.
  • How to work with brokerage companies.
  • What load board to use.
  • How to use the load board.
  • What payments options are available for loads delivered?
  • DOT requirementsThis service is not included in our consulting fee and has to be paid separately.
  • MC/DOT & BOC3 Authority
  • UCR Registration.
  • Driver files
  • Random drug testing program
  • CSA 2010 training
  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
  • Quarterly fuel tax return.
  • Maintenance files system.
  • Heavy Duty Road tax (form 2290)
  • Extra tax permits for 3 States (Oregon-Kentucky-New York)
  • DOT required physical exam.
  • Insurance tractor/trailer

Our service is designed to place the client into the driver seat after completion of the service. However our dedication to our clients will go beyond, if the client needs continues dedicated consulting.

2 reviews for Trucking Consulting Domestic

  1. Adrian Sandoval

    I want to express our gratitude to TRUCKINGSUCCESS for all the valuable help in getting our trucking business started. J.W was a great resource and guidance for the whole process. We contacted TRUCKINGSUCCESS when we only had a desire to start a trucking business and knew nothing on how to go about it. After speaking with J.W, what was only an Idea took form and developed into a working plan for a business startup. J.W worked with us to structure and stablish our business entity, select and purchase equipment, Permitting, compliance and a host of other related intricacies of starting a business. After getting equipped and permitted, J.W stayed with us and provided training for dispatching and signing up with reputable brokers. J.W was very kind to practically hold our hand and helped us with dispatch until we were ready to do it ourselves. Our equipment is now permitted, working and in compliance. Thanks Gratefully to TRUCKINGSUCCESS and J.W. We highly recommend this company for any trucking related consulting needs.
    Adrian’s Transport Inc.
    Menifee, Ca
    The management: Tony, Adrian and Lupe.

  2. Sidikie Sorie, Gainesville, VA (verified owner)

    I am completely new to the trucking business but the testimonies of family and friends within the trucking industry stoked my interest to conduct further research. After much research and consultation with others, I made the decision to enter into the business with the objective of becoming a fleet owner.
    As I started putting together the required structure to get the business going, I always used to wonder whether there was a Trucking 101 class that I could take so that I can learn the fundamentals of the business and get a step by step detailed guide of how to go about setting a trucking business. After a Google search, I bumped into Trucking Success. I checked out the info on their website and purchased their Dispatching Manual. The moment I started reading that manual and going through the table of contents, I knew I had found a gold mine. I quickly finished the manual and reached out fo the company to find out more about their consulting service. The rest is what I would like to call my “Trucking History”!
    Working with JW Lessing has been nothing short of a blessing. I often tease him by saying “Lessing is a blessing”. On a more serious note, JW is a guardian angel of trucking. He meticulously walked me through the entire process of setting up my business. We spent countless hours going through the details of acquiring the appropriate licenses and permits, shopping around for the right financing options, selecting the appropriate truck and trailer, developing compensation structure for drivers, writing ads for drivers, and plenty more.
    Today (2 months after I started this process), I have completely setup my business and I’m looking to get started as soon as I hire a driver. In all this, I can’t imagine how I would’ve achieved this much or gotten this far without JW’s advice and guidance. I can’t speak for others, I can only tell you what my experience has been. However, if my experience is anything to go by, then I would recommend that you go with Trucking Success for your trucking consultation needs.

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