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A Money Management Tool for the Men and Women in the American Trucking Industry

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The Road to Financial Success 2022

While many people dream about financial independence few actually achieve it, because they believe financial success is a matter of random luck. They play the lottery, enter sweepstakes or gamble in casinos, hoping to hit the jackpot, instead of planning and actively preparing for their financial future.

Because of this lack of planning and foresight, many hardworking people live from paycheck to paycheck, spending their lives worrying about their financial situation.

Along The Road to Financial Success are many detours, easy credit, credit cards and consumerism. Without a practical money management tool, many people are unable to resist these short-term temptations and, as a result, give up long-term financial happiness.

My money management plan will provide you with the road map and tools you need to travel The Road to Financial Success.

This plan will help you determine your current financial situation and identify your financial needs, as well as show you how to set up a budget and manage your debts. It will also assist you in implementing your personalized savings plan, explain how to protect your assets from financial disaster, and finally, how to acquire wealth.

To succeed On The Road to Financial Success, you must not delay managing your money effectively — your future standard of living will depend on the financial decisions you make now!


Chapter 1 Getting Started On The Road To Financial Success
* What Is Financial Planning * The Purpose Of Financial Planning * Why Do You Need A Money Management Plan
Chapter 2 Examining Your Present Financial Situation
* Your Debts * Your Assets * Your Net Worth
Chapter 3 Analyzing And Setting Up Your Budget
* Your Net Income * Your Fixed Expenses * Your Flexible Expenses * Your Personal Budget
Chapter 4 Managing Your Debts
* Your Long Term Debts * Your Intermedia Debts * Your Short-term Debts
Chapter 5 Identifying Your Financial Needs
* Your Short-term Needs * Your Intermedia Needs * Your Long-term Needs
Chapter 6 Implementing Your Savings Plan
* Saving For Short-term Needs * Saving For Intermedia Needs * Saving For Long-term Goals
Chapter 7 Protecting Your Assets
* Health Insurance * Life Insurance * Income Protection * Pre-Paid Legal Service Plan
Chapter 8 Accumulating Wealth
* Accumulating Assets * Managing And Reducing Debts * Reviewing Your Money Management Plan


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