The Successful Truck Owner Operator 2022 PDF – Download – A Business Guide for the Start-Up Owner Operator –


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Successful Truck Owner Operator 2022

The road to becoming a Successful Truck Owner Operator is not always an easy one, but this Business Guide from can help to put you on the street to success.

The Successful Truck Owner Operator PDF download sells for only $12.95, and is a must-have for any motivated person with a CDL driver’s license. This Guide is filled with many tips on avoiding common, costly mistakes. It will help you become independent of the uncertainties and fluctuations of the job market and will point you in the right direction.

This book also includes the latest updates on IFTA, and the FHWA.

Some topics covered:
Initial Steps to become an owner operator…
The Economic Outlook
CSA 2010 Safety Instructions
New Hours of Service Regulations
Getting the Experience
Business Structures
Sole Proprietorship
Purchasing Your Own Truck
The Financial Aspect
Selecting a Used Truck
Maintenance and Repairs
Operating Authority
The Lease-On Process
Negotiating a Lease
Own Authority
Business Records
Maintaining Records
Cash Management
Cost-Per-Mile Calculation
Vehicle Registration
Fuel And Road Taxes
Log Book/Trip Sheet/ELD

The author has made your new venture easy by providing a simple road map to your Independence. Start now by taking that first step. This book will be your secret weapon.”

The author has many years of experience. He decided to write, The Successful Truck Owner Operator when he found that many truck drivers made mistakes that could have been avoided with some simple tips.


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