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Investment USA

                 Transportation Investment USA

If you are considering an investment and start a trucking/warehouse business in the United States, we have over 25 years experience, please call us for your Free consultation at: 001-602-864-8056 or 001-480-287-2381- or contact us via Skype for a face to face meeting (our Skype ID is: trucking.success) or email us at:

Start a trucking/warehouse company for hire and transport loads throughout the United States; millions of good paying loads are available every year.

Trucks transport 94 percent of all consumer, 77 percent of all industrial, and 68 percent of all farm goods in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Annually, the value of all goods shipped exceeds $6 trillion.

We offer the following services:

                   Analysis Optional

(1) 5 year analysis (optional). The analysis will be prepared by our own Certified Public Accountant, (CPA-MBA). We ensure you that the analysis will be accurate with current market evaluations.

You will receive the most realistic recommendations available in real time. Meaning, we will use the most current industry standards.

(2) Assisting in finding the most suitable place of operations – property & buildings incl. warehousing.
(3) Assisting in filing a corporate entity with motor carrier authority and DOT number.
(4) Searching and finding the most affordable equipment, used trucks with less than 400,000 miles or new trucks and Great Dane trailers, office equipment, furniture, computer system, software etc.
(5) Acquire all necessary insurance, permits and government regulations for the entire organization.
(6) Hire drivers, mechanics and warehouse personnel. Prepare all contracts, background checks, set up driver files, drug testing programs and physical examinations.
(7) Hiring and training the dispatch department.
(8) Hire management with all required background checks. Prepare all required employment contracts. Establish company rules and regulations.
(9) Set up fuel accounts per truck.
(10) Set up a tire-purchasing programs.
(11) Set up a bookkeeping programs with industry specific accounts.
(12) Offering operations management.

If you need additional information please call us at: 001-602-864-8056 or email us at: or use our contact us page.

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The investment will also lead to a permanent U.S. residence status EB5 visa (green card).