Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Update:
Time to file Form 2290

The annual filing for Form 2290 must be
completed by 8/31/16
J. J. Keller is an IRS-approved 2290 e-file provider and we look forward to helping you painlessly file your taxes. You can file online today at 2290online.com:

  • If you have vehicles with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more, you must file IRS Form 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
  • If you have 25 or more vehicles that are 55,000 pounds or more, you must file electronically
  • E-Filing is quick, and you get a laser-printed, stamped Schedule 1 in no time
  • Thousands of fleets rely on us for annual 2290 filing

Visit 2290online.com and e-file today to get your proof of tax payment, which is needed to register annually with your state.

E-filing is quick and easy to do… visit 2290online.com to get started today!


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  • E-file form 2290

    We are an IRS Authorized e-file provider, started accepting returns for the 2017-18 tax year. E-file form 2290 and get stamped schedule 1 in minutes.

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