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Oct 9 – 15 vs.
Oct 2 – 8
Sep 2016 vs.
Aug 2016
Sep 2016 vs.
Sep 2015
Spot Market Loads+5.6%+2.8%+34%
Spot Market Capacity+0.5%7.2%1.8%
Van Load-To-Truck+3.0%+9.7%+63%
Van Rates (Spot)1.2%+1.2%6.4%
Flatbed Load-To-Truck+9.8%+20%+22%
Flatbed Rates (Spot)+0.0%1.1%8.3%
Reefer Load-To-Truck+3.7%+7.8%+26%
Reefer Rates (Spot)0.5%+1.1%5.0%
Fuel Prices+1.6%+1.9%4.4%
Van and Reefer Rates Decline

Ratios Rise after Hurricane Matthew

Oct 9 – 15 – Load posts on the West Coast slowed after weeks of high demand, but volumes and rates were up in Southeast markets following Hurricane Matthew. Nationally, the van rate fell 2¢, reefer rates slipped 1¢ and flatbed rates held steady, but the load-to-truck ratios were up for all trailer types.

The chart above depicts national average spot market rates, including fuel surcharges for the past four weeks. Rates are derived from DAT RateView.
Last update: 10/18/2016 – Next update: 10/25/2016

Fuel Prices
+1.6%$2.48 / gallon
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