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Excerpts Seminar:

The following are excerpts from the “Truck Dispatch Seminar”.

Dispatch Seminar 2022 Edition
The Dispatch Manual and The Successful Truck Owner Operator 2022
A Comprehensive Resource and  Instructions Manual for the Entrepreneur
Starting a Home Based Business Dispatch Service
Published By (142 pages)
Copyright ©

Table of Contents Truck Dispatch Seminar

Chapter 1 – Truck & Trailer
Chapter 2 – Your Home Office
Chapter 3 – Getting to Know Your Client
Chapter 4 – Setting Up A Client Account
Chapter 5 – Setting Up A Client File and Organize the Client Documents.
Chapter 6 – How to Work with Brokerage Companies
Chapter 7 – How to find Loads and what Load Board to Use

Table of Contents Dispatch Manual

Chapter 1 – Transportation Industry Overview
Chapter 2 – Tools Of The Trade
Chapter 3 – Professionalism
Chapter 4 – Load Availability
Chapter 5 – Finding the Right Loads
Chapter 6 – Booking Loads
Chapter 7 – Freight Handling
Chapter 8 – Freight Delivery

Table of Contents The Successful Truck Owner Operator

Chapter 1 Getting Started
Economic Outlook New HOS Regulations CSA 2010
Commercial Drivers License
Chapter 2 Business Structures
Sole Proprietorship Partnership Corporations / LLC
Chapter 3 Buying your Truck
Financial Aspects Selecting a Used Truck Maintenance & Repair
Chapter 4 Operating Authority
Leasing On Negotiating a Lease Own Authority
Chapter 5 Business Records
Maintaining Records Cash Management
Cost-Per-Mile Calculation
Chapter 6 Registration & Taxes
Vehicle Registration Fuel & Road Taxes Log Book – Trip Sheet ELD Regulations

Dispatch Seminar
The seminar teaches the entrepreneur planning to start a dispatch service business how to set up your business and succeed in your new venture.
Before we proceed to each chapter please get yourself familiar with several useful informative details about setting up a home based business. Go to:

Chapter 1 – Truck & Trailer – If you have no experience in regards to the trucking industry, this chapter will explain some truck & trailer parts. Functions you need to get yourself familiar with, in order to communicate professionally with your clients.
Tractor/trailer (18 wheeler)
The front wheels of a tractor are referred to as “the steering” When a tractor/trailer is completely loaded, the maximum amount of pounds allowed by law is 80,000 pounds. These pounds have to be split to several axels. The steering wheels ( first axel) are allowed to carry 12,000 pounds.
The two axels with 8 tires behind the cab are referred to as “the drives”. The drives are allowed to carry 34,000 pounds.

Chapter 2 – Your Home Office.

No matter where you live, house or apartment, you need to separate your
business from all other family activities around you. Creating a small office
in one of the rooms is always the best way to go. You need to be totally
concentrated on the job when you deal with your clients livelihood. They
rely on your ability to find the best paying loads available. You need to set
up the following equipment:
1. Phone landline plus a separate cell phone in order to be available for
your clients all the time. Dispatching is not a 3-5 hour job, you need to be
accessible 24 hours a day. Please understand, you don’t have to work all
these hours. Most dispatching is done between 8 AM and 1 PM. However

Chapter 3 – Getting to know your client.

You need to get an understanding for the truck drivers daily struggle on
American Highways. In other words, you must learn to handle his
personality and after some time you should be able to read his mind.
Know what kind of loads he like to haul and when he wants to go home. In
the first two to three weeks you need to communicate with him more
often because you need to create a relationship, get to know him and get
him to feel comfortable with your services. The relationship should have a
pleasant understanding because the client is your income and you like to
keep them on board. Remember, your business depends on a recurrent
You need to know how many miles…………

P.S. You need these certificates and forms from your clients because the
brokerage company requests these documents before you can book a
load with them. Once you are set up with an account, you don’t need to
sent the documents again. It is a one-time effort on your part to set up
an account and become a customer with the brokerage company on
behalf of your client.
If you have any questions after you studied the seminar, you can call us
any time for 30 days after your purchase and get additional questions
you may have, answered.

B: Sample Contract to Client:
Tiffiny’s Dispatch Solutions
13700 ABC Circle, ABC Grove, CA 92843
Phone: 714-468-0000 Fax: 714-000-0000
This Dispatch Service Agreement is entered into this day of ,
between the following parties whose names and addresses are
set forth below:…………………..